OOTD: Stripey & Chic

(Dress: China Doll Boutique, Necklace: Tatty Devine, Watch: Marc Jacobs, Bracelet: Rêves D’Hiver)
Finally, after waiting for so long, the warm weather is here!!
I celebrate by stopping by China Doll Boutique’s (now named Sugar & Style) Box Park pop-up.
Nhuc is always lovely & chatty, and after browsing her new items (some from Paris!) I tried a few on.
Although I loved some of the new printed trousers I decided that a light Summer dress would be best.
This one just screamed Parisian-chic to me, and I loved the simplicity of it – more to accessorise with!
The cut is super flattering, which surprised me as I have some rather prominent boobs and bum going on.
I think this may be my go-to Summer casual dress, especially as it suits my new hairstyle so well.
Unfortunately the dress isn’t available on the online store, but you can find it in the Box Park store!

OOTD: Ski Holiday Chamonix

 (Kit from various ski stores around Chamonix & Argentière)
Now I bet you weren’t expecting me to look this good so early in the morning, were you? Joking aside, as I am currently on a skiing holiday in Chamonix I thought I’d share a fitting outfit post. I was kitted up the morning after we arrived in France, as I don’t actually own any ski gear. The decision to own any kind of sports equipment went out the window after I left high school.
I didn’t really have much choice with the boots and skis as I rented them. However I do love how the rental guy matched my boots and skis to my coat. He was a pretty funny guy who enjoyed my comments about how ski boots could be practical & flashy. We also had a laugh after he asked me whether I wanted “gloves or muffins” – a lost in translation moment. The French word for mittens is ‘moufle’ which kind of sounds like muffins, but only ever so slightly. I felt the need to share that little anecdote with you all…sorry.
Anyway, I don’t think I’ll be investing in any ski gear anytime soon.

Photo Diary: Holiday in Provence 1

Photos around Provence, South of France

Here is the first of my photo diaries from my recent holiday in Provence, in the South of France.
I love France and Provence is somewhere I have visited a couple of times for it’s weather, scenery and good food.
So I wanted to show a little bit of Provence in the few photos I included this time.
We have; cakes, animals, coffee, architecture and…a pink bike, of course.
The cakes just looked so inviting, and I’m a big fan of French decaffeinated espressos because I can’t have caffeine and they’re still rich with flavour, compared to British decafe coffee anyway. The cute kitty was the ‘village cat’ that wandered around – I took that photo when we were sat having dinner. As for the dog, I don’t know who it belonged to as it was in a different town but he was really friendly – I was taking an outfit photo when he came over and photobombed me. It’s safe to say I forgave him. Hmm…I think the rest is self explanatory, except for the pink bicycle, which was just a prop to advertise for a nearby Pizzeria.
I haven’t done a photo diary for a little while, so I hope you still enjoy them!

OOTD: Holiday in Provence, France 2

(T-shirt, Shorts & Sandals: Topshop, Bag: Primark, Necklace: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Sunglasses: New Look)

Here is the second helping of my outfit shots from my recent holiday.
This time taken in a wonderful small village in the mountains, outside a lovely restaurant we actually ended up going to a few days later. I loved the look of the place so I wanted to do a quick outfit shot in front of it.
Obviously this was a casual outfit, just something comfortable for a day of walking, browsing markets and sipping on decafe espressos. I wore my favourite grey t-shirt…ok I only have one, but if I did have more this would be my favourite because the material is wonderfully comfortable, soft and light. I also paired it with my Marc by Marc Jacobs wishbone necklace, which is just the right amount of ‘rock’ without taking too much from the outfit.
I look so teeny-tiny on these photos, and as much as I would like to think it’s a combination of the slope I’m standing on and the fiance’s height, lets just face it, I’m a shorty.

Apologies for the quality of the above photos, these were taken on my iPhone not camera.

French Beauty & Skin Care Haul

Some French beauty products that I picked up on holiday

Whenever I go away on holiday I always spend about 90% of my money on gifts.
However this time after the fiancé kept pestering me to ‘treat [myself]’ I decided that for once I would.
I knew I wanted to buy a few French beauty products and luckily for me the well-known ones, which we also have at home, are slightly cheaper in France. Also they carry some brands that haven’t made it to the UK yet.
French pharmacies are amazing, and much better than British ones, in my opinion.
Even the smallest of pharmacies carry lots of well-known beauty brands, and their new products.
So I paid a quick visit to the pharmacy and spent a good 30mins trying to decided what I wanted to pick up.
I finally decided on a few things:
+ Evian Brumisateur (facial spray)
+ Caudalíe Eau de Raisin (grape water)
Avène Eau Thermale Crème Nutritive Compensatrice Riche (extremely rich compensating cream)
Avène Eau Thermale Lait Corporel Hydratant (moisturising body lotion)

As you can see I went a bit crazy with the facial sprays.
I’d been wanting to try out Evian’s for a while, and then I was drawn in by Avène’s & Caudalíe’s too.
I plan to try them all out and then do reviews, then later maybe do a comparison post featuring them all.
The Belle à Croquer Cucumber Eye Serum was a last minute item that sounded nice (I love the smell of cucumber, and I remember always putting cucumber on my eyes at sleepovers etc.), so I thought I’d give it a try.
I will try to review all the items as I use them, but feel free to let me know if there is one you’d like to see sooner than the others, and if there’s a general consensus I will put that one at the top of my list.

OOTD: Holiday in Provence, France 1

(Blouse: Glamorous*, Jeans: Primark, Shoes: Urban Outfitters, Bracelet: Marc by Marc Jacobs)

I’m back from my holiday in Provence, in the South of France and I thought I would make a comeback with an ‘outfit of the day’ post. Unfortunately I didn’t take as many outfit shots as I had wished, but I did take a few so I will slowly update with them over the next week or so.
This outfit was for an evening meal at a lovely restaurant we visited last time we were there.
Luckily in the evenings the temperature was slightly more bearable, so I was able to wear jeans.
Even then it was around 32c, which was surprising – maybe I slowly acclimatised, I don’t know.
The blouse is from Glamorous. It’s such a fine material that it was perfect in the heat.
I did pop a white vest top on underneath though as it is very sheer. I just wanted something casual-formal, so I paired it with the jeans and my gold panther court heels, which added a little bit of a flare to it…at least I thought so.