Vin Rouge

(Topshop, Egoist, Urban Outfitters)

Lately I love layering shirts and jumpers, for practical & fashionable reasons.
I can’t say I was disappointed with the Catholic schoolgirl look that I ended up creating with this coordinate, however it certainly wasn’t my intention. Although now I think about it, nothing else could have come from these items. 
Love my pleated leather skirt right now, red wine (as a colour & beverage) and comfy, on-trend jumpers.

Paris Meet!!

A couple of weeks ago, the lovely Ananya and Emmie came to Paris for the SM Town concert and whilst they were here we managed to meet-up!
I was so happy as I haven’t seen Ananya for maybe 3 years (is that right?)! It was also the first time for me to meet Emmie, which I had wanted to do for a while.
…and make-up
I had to be up at 7am to get ready for 6 hours of classes, so I didn’t do anything amazing with my hair/make-up. I went for a nude eyeshadow with some simple top & bottom lashes. I just wanted something simple & stylish, it was also important that it would last the whole day.

I wanted to wear my new favourite shirt, so I paired it with some ripped-lace shorts and my favourite necklace…which broke later that day, nooooo~
In fact one girl liked our outfits so much that she stopped us and asked if she could take photos. She was a fashion student who also wanted to post them on her friends blog.

Shirt: Egoist
Shorts: Zara
Socks: Topshop
Shoes: Primark
Bags: JSG & Primark
Necklace: Liz Lisa
They asked for their ‘derp’ faces to be cut out,
oh you guys!

Both of my gals were looking gorgeous and I was so envious of Emmie’s Litas. I was planning on wearing my dupes but Paris is not Lita friendly, trust me…and I’m pretty clumsy too haha

I just adore Emmie’s extensions, it really made me want to get another set. I also loved Ananya’s dress and belt combo, isn’t it lovely.

We went to a restaurant that Ananya’s dad had recommended but they hadn’t started serving food so we waited and had drinks. Unfortunately we were given the snootiest waitress possible and she refused to let us have a table when they did start serving. I definitely won’t be visiting again, thanks to her. It’s a shame because the place had a pretty cool vibe and it looked good.
I did get to enjoy some yummy ginger beer though!
New purchase!

I also purchased the most gorgeous pair of sheer trousers from H&M. I had been wanting a skirt for a long time but then saw these and automatically fell in love~ ♥
It was a great day and I had a lovely time with Ananya and Emmie, I just wish it could have lasted longer. Oh well, I’m eagerly awaiting the meet we talked about for when I return from Paris!!


Just a small filler post with some recent gets and some coords I put together with the items…
Sephora ‘lemon meringue’ body lotion 

I was drawn in to Sephora again haha. I also bought my boyf some products for his birthday as they had given me a special discount when I bought the above lotion – and was then given even more discount cards for their latest products. 
I can see why people such as Jenny love Sephora so much; they have great customer service and their products are reasonably priced. This lotion has really helped keep the moisture in my skin during the hot weather we’ve been having recently. It also smells AMAZING just like a lemon meringue. 
ZARA shirt 

Since I’ve been lucky enough to be placed in one of the more affluent areas (5min from Arc de Triomphe, 10min from Champs Elysees) in Paris there are plenty of shops for me to peak in. There’s a small Zara just down the road from me – I was surprised when I first went in as it was full of chic Parisian women in Chanel with their tiny dogs at their side, which is normal for this area…but not so normal for the Zara stores I’m used to haha
It hangs really nicely~ 
ZARA shirt 
[sorry for the poor picture]

This one is an off the shoulder shirt, but you can also wear it as a regular loose top, if you wish. 
Earrings: Shinjuku ALTA
Necklace: Liz Lisa
Top: Zara
EGOIST cut-out lack back shirt

Necklace: Swarovski
Shirt: Egoist
Shorts: H&M
This is another one of those shirts that is longer at the back. I really love the cut of this and the fabric is lovely. I’ve been pairing it with a black vest top underneath as I already draw too much attention showing off my legs haha – according to my French guy friend, that’s not normal for Parisian women so the men tend to get a bit leary when they see a woman showing some skin.
I’ll also be wearing this for my meet tomorrow with the gorgeous Ananya and Emmie – can’t wait to see you guys in Paris!!