OOTD: Nana Fancy Dress

(Jacket: Primark, Top: Japan, Shorts: Zara, Tights: eBay, Shoes: Barratts*)

On Saturday I went to a joint party for two friends, and of course there was a theme.
All the best parties have themes, and this one was ‘Cartoon Characters of the 90s/2000s’.
I don’t watch many cartoons but from the ones I have watched/watch I just couldn’t think of a character.
Then I remembered that one of my favourite fictional characters of the 2000s was originally an anime (Japanese cartoon).
So I may have cheated a little bit as mine was based on a live action movie character, but the thought was there.
Who did I go as? Nana Osaki (reference photo here).
I love her strong character, and of course her personal style!
I paired suspender tights with my new faux leather jacket, a staple for any Nana costume.
I also choose a skull motif top I bought in Japan (fitting, no?) and some ripped denim shorts from Zara.
The piece de resistance though were the wedge creepers that Barratts recently gifted me – I’m in love!
They are the comfiest, most badass pair of shoes I own at the moment and I want to pair them with everything.
They are perfect for the rock chick side of my personal style…and for any future fancy dress parties, of course.
I even created a short bob hair style using this cheat by Cheesie, and used a leather bracelet as a choker.
What do you think of my fancy dress costume?
For fans of the creepers, they also come in red, blue and purple – I WANT THEM ALL!

OOTD: Leopard print creepers

(Sweater: Bought in Japan, Dress: Topshop, Tights: Primark, Shoes: Oasap*, Necklace: Topshop)

I’ve been waiting to post an outfit with these shoes.
These are Oasap‘s version of the popular underground creeper shoe.
I’ve wanted a pair of creepers (especially the new wedge ver) for a while, but can’t justify the money.
The quality isn’t as good as the Underground version, but then I don’t think anyone would expect it to be.
So until I convince myself to save the money for some, these will have to do, and they’re not a bad substitute.
As you can see I’ve gone back to black, once again because of the poor weather.
I did feel like the heart print tights cheered the outfit up and made it stand out a little bit more.
Thankfully I am off on holiday next week, so I am hoping I will be able to get the shorts and bright colours out again!
Don’t forget to visit Oasap and use discount code: ‘bloomzy’ for 35% off!