Keeping My Feet Fancy for Summer

Peppermint Foot Range from The Body Shop

It’s not public knowledge, but I have a slight phobia of feet.
That might seem odd when this whole post is about feet…but…yeah.
Phobia aside, I made the decision to try and get my feet feeling and looking good for Summer.
My grandmother always says that you should take good care of your feet as you use them everyday.
Well I walk a lot and spend most days on my feet so sometimes they can feel a bit achey and worn out.
It’s time to take her advice and look after my ‘tootsies’…as some might say.
I’d previously tried The Body Shop’s Peppermint Foot Rescue and was pretty impressed.
In fact I was so impressed that I decided I wanted to try out more products from the range.
So I made a stop at The Body Shop on Hampstead High Street – the staff are super lovely there!
I really appreciate staff who know about the product and can recommend items that compliment each other.
I picked up a few pieces from the range and had some help choosing a few others.
I bought:
4. Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray
I started trying them out this weekend and I’m already impressed and my feet feel a bit better.
I think that if I keep up with the routine my feet will be feeling amazing and looking fancy in no time!

Would you like to see reviews of any of the products?

Birthday Weekend

Birthday gift from The Body Shop

It’s my birthday on Sunday, so the lovely people at The Body Shop sent me a voucher to spend in-store, as I am a member of their loyalty card scheme. 10% off in-store and online, special offers through email and then a special gift on your birthday month. Amazing!
sign up here
Anyway, the subject of this post; I shall be away from the blog this weekend as it is my birthday on Sunday, so I plan to relax and enjoy my time with friends and the fiancรฉ. I shall be back next week, no doubt with pictures and tales of my weekend.

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Candy, Candy

Back in November I tweeted about a very big order from The Body Shop.
Candied Ginger; body lotion, shower gel, body butter, lip balm and hand cream. Spiced Vanilla; body lotion and shower gel. Rose; lip care stick. Facial massager.
I fell in love with their Christmas collections, namely the Spiced Vanilla & Candied Ginger range. I can’t explain how much I love the smell and taste of ginger, so I was beyond excited to see this range. The vanilla products also won me over with their subtle but yummy scent!
I’ve only just started using the shower gel and body butter, thanks to a backlog of products I need to get through, but I already love them. Let me know if you fancy a review.