Review: Latest in Beauty x Beauty Mart Beauty Box

I don’t know about you guys, but do you think this is something to do with beauty? Well if the well-known names above haven’t convinced you maybe the photos will? Yes this is another beauty box, although this time it’s from luxury sample site Latest In Beauty. They’ve collaborated with Beauty Mart, a store well-known for selling cult beauty products. Think crème de la crème (best of the best) and you’ve pretty much summed up this box.
I won’t lie, it was the full size Balmain Silk Perfume that drew me in. I’d previously tried the hair perfume in Beauty Mart, and fallen in love with the scent. The perfume doesn’t only smell divine, but it contains argan oil to help condition your hair. This is £24.50 by itself, so that was the beauty box paid for twice over, all by itself. Shall I just end it here? No! I’d never do that to you. Next up was the Bronze Buffer, which I’d heard plenty about, thanks to some rather aggressive social media tactics. I will actually be passing it on to a friend as I don’t tan. The Astalift (review here) and Maybelline BB Cream (too dark) samples will also be passed onto friends. I’ve found there’s always one or two unwanted items in every beauty box, so I’m not unhappy. Yu-Be & Weleda Skin Food are both well known moisturisers that I can’t wait to try out. However I’m a little scared of the DHC Cleansing Oil because the thought of anything oily near my face just makes my skin scream. I may be brave and try it sometime though because I do love DHC. The perfume sample looks promising and has been added to my collection. The Kevin Murphy Colour Bug (sorry Kevin, but my English heritage refuses to call it ‘color bug’) is a wipe-on wash-off hair colour in candy pink. I miss my pink hair so I can’t wait to try this out! It has to be the most intriguing item in the box too. Finally, the Model Co Masacara. I left it until last as it was an incentive to buy the box and came as a freebie when you entered a special code, so some boxes won’t have received it. I’m always happy to try new mascaras, and this is full size so I’m content with it.
I’m always impressed with Latest in Beauty’s beauty box collections and this box is no exception to their winning streak. This is the perfect buy for a beauty addict, or even as a gift. In fact I think that this is the perfect gift for a beauty lover or someone who wants to be introduced to some new products and brands. Even though I see a condom every time I look at the Astalift sample (yes I did just say that), I’m thoroughly impressed with the box. It was brimming with delectable products that certainly fed my beauty obsession.
You can find most of the items from the box at Beauty Mart. Unfortunately the box has sold out, but you can check out the other boxes available at Latest in Beauty.

Review: DHC Liquid Eyeliner EX Pen

Liquid eye liner is one of my must-have beauty products.
I use it in my everyday make-up so it’s important I have a good one.
Recently I was recommended a liquid eyeliner pen by Japanese brand DHC.
I love Japanese beauty products, and DHC, so of course I had to try it out.
+ Applies easily
+ Love the packaging
+ Good staying power

– Smudges during wear
– Needs to be used with a primer

I really wanted to like this and to start with I did. I noticed that some of the liner had smudged (transferred) from my upper lid but I thought that may have just been because I didn’t use primer on the first wear. I prefer not to have to use a primer but I understand that some products just need it. Yet when I wore it using primer it still smudged. I really don’t know how to work this liner, as the person who recommended it uses it everyday and had no problem with it. I guess I’ll have to just try another primer. On the plus side, this applies well and seems to stay, despite the smudging. On top of that the packaging is simple and cute, and the pen itself is great for carrying in your handbag. I’m on the fence about this one. Price wise it’s on the higher end of what I would usually pay at £16, so I’ll definitely be giving it another try before I give up entirely.
You can buy DHC’s Liquid Eyeliner EX at Beauty Mart.