Photo Diary: Access All ASOS, junk food, Muji & more

As you can see I’ve keeping myself busy with pretty things…and yummy things.
I finally succumbed to Muji storage and bought some for my Tatty Devine collection.
I have to say I love it and I kind of want to cover my entire apartment in it and be super organised.
I was invited to apply for Access All ASOS recently and was accepted – hooray, and thank you ASOS!
It’s a pretty cool concept and I can’t wait to share more with you on here and on Twitter, Instagram etc.
I’ve been uploading my outfit looks more often too, including my personalised t-shirt from tshirtprinting.
I treated myself to a new accessory – some classy gold (amazing sound quality) headphones.
Not only have I been decorating my body (…with clothes) but I’ve been decorating my bed too!!
I couldn’t resist it when I saw that Primark had their pug duvet set back in stock, it’s too adorable.
Apart from that I’ve just been stuffing my face with giant pizzas and Halloween Krispy Kreme.
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