A Little Something from Wrap.me to You…

I don’t know about other people but there’s one thing I dread at this time of year – wrapping presents. I always end up wrapping everything at once, and it’s usually in paper that I’ve hurriedly bought at the last minute. So you can imagine how elated I would be if someone were to bring a bit more excitement to an otherwise menial task. Step in Wrap.me, a service that provides wrapping paper with a difference.

Imagine your Christmas tree lined with presents…and what’s that? They’re all wrapped up in paper that features your amazing photographic skills, or selfies with your friends and family?! Yes your heard me right! Wrap.me offers customised paper made up of handpicked photos from your computer, phone, Instagram, or Facebook. The site (which recently launched on November the 17th) allows you to follow the design process as you choose your photos, border arrangement and how much paper you’re going to need for all those fabulous presents. It’s printed out onto the paper size of your choice and then all you have to do is sit back with a cup of tea and wait for it to be delivered. The whole experience takes away the hard work behind choosing the perfect wrapping paper, and instead allows you to relax, whilst creating something very special indeed.

I was sent a little gift from Wrap.me, all wrapped up in my own personalised paper. The photos had been taken from my Instagram account, and honestly it was quite sweet to see them printed out onto paper. True, it was a bit weird having photos of myself on it, but everyone at work loved it and I jokingly told them that my Secret Santa would receive their present wrapped in it…I wasn’t joking. My present turned out to be a pair of socks that were made for someone with feet around 10x larger than my own, and were hurriedly snapped up by one of my male colleagues. Still, when the paper is this fun it doesn’t really matter what’s inside…does it?


This post is in collaboration with Wrap.me but all views, photos and words are my own.