My Trip to The Organic Pharmacy

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What do you do when a lone parent visits you in London and demands entertainment? You take them to be
pampered of course!

I had only told my mum about my secret plans the night before, but her excitement had reached fever pitch by
the time we arrived at The Organic Pharmacy’s Covent Garden store. We were greeted with green smoothies – my favourite! Our invitation? A morning of facials, health consultations and makeovers.
After we were introduced to the staff, my mum was whisked away for her first treatment. Although she was slightly embarrassed to admit it, it was her first facial. I could hear her giggles (a family trait) from the other side of the treatment room door, but they soon subsided as she fell into a pleasantly relaxed state (I was told after). It was around this time that I went in to have my health consultation. My consultant was named Ursula – a lovely lady who made me feel completely at ease. I was to have a treatment to gauge my vitamin and mineral levels. This meant having various wires and straps attached to me – I felt as though I’d been given the starring role in a sci-fi movie. Thankfully nothing untoward happened, and it turned out that my levels were pretty spot on, apart from a couple that needed to be worked on. However Urusula told me that I could combat these by eating certain foods, and taking particular supplements. After our consultation she handed me some notes about my results, with recommendations on products and
techniques for me to try out. I left with some tablets and a view to start meditating again.
As my mum went for her makeover it was my turn for a facial, and it was every bit as relaxing as my mum’s. After a good exfoliation, cleansing and moisturising treatment I was ready to fall asleep. I have a habit of falling asleep during massages, facials…even whilst getting lash extensions! Luckily I didn’t embarrass myself this time. Instead I left feeling relaxed and refreshed. The lovely make-up artist had left my mum with a glow. Naturally I was eager to see what he had in-store for me. I shuddered as he picked up the pink metallic eyeshadow…anything but pink, I screamed internally. Yet with a wave of his wand brush he created a natural look that left me eating my words. The make-up was nice, but I could feel it on my skin for the whole day. I found it a bit odd as the MUA had said that this wasn’t the case with their make-up, so I’m putting it down to having sensitive skin.
My trip to The Organic Pharmacy was enlightening, not only for my mind but for my skin also. I’m always up for finding new brands and products, especially if they are natural/organic. Thank you to Get The Gloss and The Organic Pharmacy for a lovely pampering session.