Chamonix Travel Diary: Part 3

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Yesterday we decided to go on an adventure. We wanted to visit the George de la Diosaz in Servoz as we missed it last year. So we headed to the town hall to get our guest passes for the train. Unfortunately the town hall closed at 12 (for lunch) and we arrived at the office at 11:59. In a typically French fashion we were turned away. So we healed our wounds with a thick Italian hot chocolate at Green Soft Bar, where the charismatic waiter spoke to me completely in French. You may be thinking “What were you expecting Emma, you’re in France.” That’s very true, but it so often happens that when they catch even the slightest glimpse of an accent here, they reply in English. That’s actually really kind, but it’s also a little disheartening when you want to practise a language other than your own. So I laughed and chatted with the waiter as he asked me if I wanted a ‘proper hot chocolate – so thick you have to drink/eat it with a spoon’. My favourite kind!

We soon decided that instead we would hike to Glacier des Bossons – we have a thing for glaciers. Off we went walking through the woods, passing perfectly blue lakes with hidden caves and old ruins. It felt like we were in a fairytale. Once we arrived to Les Bossons Ben decided we would take the chair lift up to the glacier. I have a real phobia of chair lifts after being stuck at around 60 foot in the air above a lake when I was 12. I decided I would power through though and fight my phobia…guess what happened? Yep, half way up, it stopped. I have the worst luck! After a little cry and managing not to throw up (go me!) we were on our way again. I don’t think I’ve ever been so glad to have my feet on solid ground. It was all worth it though (at least I’m telling myself that now) as the view was beautiful. The small chalet offering food and coffee next to the glacier was perfectly placed, so we sat in the sun looking on at the slowly disappearing natural beauty.

Oh yeah we walked back down, and I rewarded myself with a gigantic burger at Monkey that evening.