Haul: ASOS & Maybelline Baby Lips

Shoes, Anatomicals: Sleep Balm & Eye Patches, OPI Matte Top Coat, Maybelline Baby Lips

A couple of Friday’s ago I won an ASOS voucher. I wasn’t after anything particular (that they had) so I saved it. I knew I needed a pair of plain black sneakers (for this & that) but knew they would be cheap. So after choosing those and seeing that I had a considerable amount left I headed to the beauty section. I am seriously impressed with the selection of products that ASOS carry on there! They have such a great variety and some really good deals.

Since I wasn’t spending my own money I bought things I’ve wanted to try for a while but wasn’t too sure about wasting money on. Anatomicals is a brand that I have seen a lot of and wanted to investigate further, especially the sleep balm – so I picked that up and paired it with some eye patches (for to an upcoming post). Then I headed to the nail varnish section. Honestly I have so many polishes it’s hard to find a shade I don’t already have by another brand, so I was looking for something different. That’s where OPI’s Matte Top Coat came into play. I am so excited to try this and play around with it, I feel like it’s Christmas already! I knew I had picked the right products as I was really looking forward to receiving them and was still happy when I ripped open the parcel – that’s always a good sign for me.

As for the Maybelline Baby Lips, they kind of tagged along in this post. I have been searching for them for a couple of weeks now and had no luck until last Friday. I managed to finally find all of them in Superdrug, but was actually left feeling a bit uninspired. I picked up ‘Cherry Me’ though as I knew it was a shade I would use often.

You can find links to all of the products under the photo at the top of the post.

OOTD: Ski Holiday Chamonix

 (Kit from various ski stores around Chamonix & Argentière)
Now I bet you weren’t expecting me to look this good so early in the morning, were you? Joking aside, as I am currently on a skiing holiday in Chamonix I thought I’d share a fitting outfit post. I was kitted up the morning after we arrived in France, as I don’t actually own any ski gear. The decision to own any kind of sports equipment went out the window after I left high school.
I didn’t really have much choice with the boots and skis as I rented them. However I do love how the rental guy matched my boots and skis to my coat. He was a pretty funny guy who enjoyed my comments about how ski boots could be practical & flashy. We also had a laugh after he asked me whether I wanted “gloves or muffins” – a lost in translation moment. The French word for mittens is ‘moufle’ which kind of sounds like muffins, but only ever so slightly. I felt the need to share that little anecdote with you all…sorry.
Anyway, I don’t think I’ll be investing in any ski gear anytime soon.

Like, Totally Clueless!

Wildfox 2013 Spring Collection

I was just a youngster when Clueless was released into cinemas. However that didn’t stop the movie going on to become one of my all time favourites. It’s safe to say that Cher, Dionne and Tai were my fashion idols, and I aspired to be them. My personal style was very much influenced by them and in recent years I’ve often hoped for a comeback. Luckily for me, Wildfox just released the lookbook for their Spring 2013 collection – based on Clueless.

I’m not a fan of Wildfox, but I have to give them a thumbs up for how well they have done here. I would gladly add a few of the items to my wardrobe, however I fear the price will not be so charming. Favourites include Cher’s red dress, and yellow suit. Tai’s plaid shirt & boyfriend jeans, and floral workout crop top. As well as Dionne’s daisy dress & shirt combo – and yes that is America’s Next Top Model’s Fatima Siad.

Now I’m just waiting on a brand to bring out a lookbook inspired by The Craft.

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ASOS Velvet Flatforms & Polka-dot Socks

ASOS; Velvet Flatform Trainers & Polka Dot See-Through Ankle Socks

I first saw these ‘trainers’ about a couple of weeks ago and thought they looked pretty cool. It took me about a week and a half of going back to the asos site and the current flatform trend to finally convince me that I should buy them. I’m so picky when it comes to buying clothes, especially online.I didn’t actually own any trainers before I bought these, and whereas they’re not your conventional type of trainer I am glad I finally bought something to go with the tomboy/rock-side of my style. I have the urge to pair these with my velvet Topshop dress but I fear that would just be too much…and too 90s?! What do you think?The socks (sold out) were just something I saw in the sale. I thought they would be cute to pair with some skirts or shorts when it gets a little warmer. From the looks of today’s weather I may not have to wait long!