OOTD: London Fashion Week SS16

ootd-london-fashion-week-zara-bucket-bag-6Sleeveless Duster: Topshop | Draped Top: Zara | Chelsea Boots: ASOS | Bucket Bag: Zara

How do you stay fashionable and comfortable during London Fashion Week? Honestly I thought it was impossible. I spent a good 30 minutes trying on outfit combo after outfit combo on Saturday morning. I was feeling bloated – thanks for visiting at such a great time Mother Nature – and wanted something I didn’t feel rubbish in. For me that solution was layers, and lots of them!

I’m currently in the middle of having another love affair with Zara. I’d gone off the brand for a while. But now they’re back on form, and bringing out products that are better than ever. This draped top is equal parts fashion and function. Paired with a waterfall sleeveless duster I almost look like I’m trying. Then there’s the bag. THIS BAG! Oh my god. I fell in love at first sight (thanks to V.A for pointing it out). Yes it does look like THAT designer, but I think Zara have actually one upped the original. Funny anecdote, I happened to be walking next to someone with the original, during LFW. People actually thought mine was the original, and commented on how much nicer it was. I managed to fit my DSLR, phone and purse in here, with plenty of room to spare. This bucket bag is magical. It just goes to show you that designer does not always trump high street.

Thank you to V.A who took the photos of me.

ootd-london-fashion-week-zara-bucket-bag-5 ootd london fashion week zara bucket bag 1 ootd-london-fashion-week-zara-bucket-bag-4ootd-london-fashion-week-zara-bucket-bag-3ootd-london-fashion-week-zara-bucket-bag-2 ootd-london-fashion-week-asos-chelsea-boots-4

OOTD: Cool Chic

T-shirt: Zara | Culottes: Warehouse* | Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs | Sandals: Fit Flop*

As a Brit, I do love to complain about the weather. Summertime is no different. Each year, at the beginning of Summer I find myself staring sadly into my wardrobe. What do you wear when it feels like you’re going to melt as soon as your step outside? It can be quite the challenge trying to look good, and feel comfortable. So when I find a Summer staple, I stick with it.

You may remember my current fashion motto: quality over quantity. That means I’ve changed my buying habits. Now I buy one high quality item, instead of several cheaper items. This new motto has transformed my wardrobe, and the way I style outfits. Not surprisingly it has also made it easier for me to find my Summer staples this year. Like these culottes. These are ridiculously comfortable, and perfect for Summer. Apart from being comfortable, they’re easy to dress up or down (these are perfect for the weekend, work, or an evening dinner). My current favourite is pairing them with a breton stripe top. I feel as though I could easily fit in on the streets of Paris in this outfit. In fact, if I squint hard enough, the streets of London can look a little Parisian.

I styled this outfit as part of a project run by think money.

Thank you to V.A who took the photos of me.


OOTD: Amongst The Palm Trees






Shirt: Zara | Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: New Look* | Watch: New Look*

I’ve been so inspired by nature recently. The hidden patterns within leaves (shout-out to my boy Fibonacci). The varying shades of green, and the immense colours that I could never imagine recreating on a canvas. It’s amazing being able to find somewhere in the middle of a capital city where you can appreciate this. Despite what some may say, London is a pretty green city. Even in the middle of a concrete jungle like The Barbican, you can find a tropical oasis.

After V.A and I made a date to visit The Conservatory at The Barbican I knew I had to dress appropriately. I was thinking of cool fabrics (I don’t do humidity) and casually chic prints. During my weekly pilgrimage to Zara I spotted the perfect item – a striped blue and white cotton shirt. It was as if it had been made especially for this one occasion. It was so easy to pair with some plain denim jeans and tennis shoes. This is one shirt that I know I will keep coming back to this Summer.


Photos of me by V.A (chopstickpanorama)

OOTD: And it was all Yellow

Coat: Zara | Jumper: Oliver Bonas | Skirt: Zara | Boots: Topshop

Lately I overlooked my monochrome wardrobe rule for one special coat. This yellow parka from Zara called out to me as I walked into the store, and I knew there and then that I had to have it. Coming from a girl whose wardrobe is as black as a witch’s cap, that’s saying something. Not only have I fallen in love with it, but it seems everyone else has too. I genuinely think I could conduct my own psychology experiment involving this coat. People smile at me more now, and tons of people have commented on my “lovely/bright yellow coat”. If anything it has been a great conversation starter.

It was also the perfect coat to take a walk down Columbia Road Flower Market in recently. I paired it with my flouncy (that’s a great word, isn’t it?) black skirt and a simple Breton stripe jumper. It was a lovely Sunny day. So much so that I regretted not bringing my sunglasses to finish off the look.

Spring is definitely on it’s way and I plan to help it along with my daffodil yellow coat.


Photos of me by V.A (chopstickpanorama)

Photo Diary: Time to Celebrate

They always say that whatever you’re doing at midnight New Years Eve/Day is a reflection of what you’ll be doing for the rest of the year. My New Years Eve was spent in Wales, with friends and family, eating good food and drinking plenty of champagne. If that’s how my 2015 pans out then I certainly wouldn’t be unhappy.

Seeing The New Year in with Style…and Lots of Makeup

new-years-eve-party-makeup-beauty-fashion-style-look-blog-blogger-bloomzy-41 new-years-eve-party-makeup-beauty-fashion-style-look-blog-blogger-bloomzy-1
Make-up – courtesy of Fragrance Direct*
Having the leisure to spend over fifteen minutes on my make-up is something I treasure. It doesn’t happen very often, so when I am given the chance I like to go all out. Most people won’t spot the minor differences, but then I’m not looking for someone to compliment me on a job well done. Some people think make-up is shallow, but I think it’s empowering. I wear make-up for myself, because I enjoy the ‘art’ of applying it, and experimenting on my features. If something makes you feel good about yourself then you should never be ashamed of indulging in it, right?
I took my basic make-up items (from this post) and one eyebrow palette to create a dewy, fresh faced look. You’re probably wondering why I had an eyebrow palette when there has never actually been any photographic evidence of me having eyebrows. Well that’s because it just so happens to be the perfect shade (for my pale face) to contour with. Dab on some concealer, apply a little ‘contour powder’ on the nose and under the cheekbones, pair it with some highlighter and blush, and voila! Not forgetting the pièce de résistance – Chanel’s rouge allure lipstick…or in lamens terms, a red lip.
It may sound a bit odd, but I love seeing how much make-up I can us to create a natural look.
Maybe I secretly long for the bygone days of manba/ganguro?