OOTD: Back to Black

(Top; bought in Kyoto – eBay, Shorts; H&M, Tights; Alta, Shinjuku, Shoes; ASOS, Accessories; Topshop)

As the title says, I’m back to wearing black. I was doing so well! I guess it’s true when they say, old habits die hard.
At least I’m wearing red on my lips. By the way, the ‘kissing photo’ was actually due to the fiancé. He took my photos this time (rather than me and a tripod), and he told me to mess around a bit.
I’m so quirky and original!
The top I bought in my last few days in Japan before I moved back to England. It was from a small store in Kyoto, but a few months ago I found the exact same one from an English eBay seller – pretty cool. I included a link in the description under the photo. It’s just a pretty cool shirt in general actually.  The skull is made up of famous last words such as: “Shoot Coward! You are only going to kill a man” – Che Guevara

My favourite part of the top has to be the chains and holes across the back and shoulders though. I was going for a fun, rock-ish vibe and I think it suits that well. I think it would have looked better if I had been able to get the tights to actually sit straight – one of my peeves when it comes to hosiery.
Finally, do you like the haircut? Nothing new, but it needed a trim.

OOTD: I love my blog!

Cardigan: Topshop | Tshirt: A store in Paris | Dress: Topshop | Shoes: Asos

Today’s outfit is brought to you by my disappearing dress-skirt! I very much dislike fabrics/items of clothing that don’t work together, especially when they do something like this. I can’t really wear anything over this dress without it riding up, so I find myself constantly pulling it down.
I really didn’t notice how short it looked until I started editing the photos, promise!
Anyway I wanted to try and pair it with my velvet flatforms from Asos, remember those? I love them so much and they really offset a black outfit well…I should know because I wear a lot of black. It’s a habit I’m desperately trying to break, so maybe these shoes can be a start?! I also wore my “I love my blog!” tshirt, which I bought from a French clothing chain-store in Paris. Shame I don’t remember the name of it!
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Wish List: ASOS Mexican Rave Collection

ASOS Mexican Rave Collection

Are you beginning to see a bit of a trend with my ‘wishlists‘ lately?
Once again, I have been drooling over a Mexican-inspired collection.
This time it’s asos, and I have to admit that this is probably the best collection I’ve seen yet.
My favourite pieces have to be the tops, with a selection of cuts and loud prints to match.
Although my love for denim hot pants means that their shorts come a close second.
I also know I’d never wear it, but I kinda love the sweat combo (top right).
I love their use of prints. They’ve made sure to keep them appealing, unique and on-point.
Stylish, urban and colourfulI just want to add everything to my wardrobe!
Whatever your personal style I think there’s a little something for everyone.
Prices range from £6 to £250. You can shop the collection here.
Source; 1

A Source of Inspiration

You can find me on Tumblr, here
I feel you can usually read my current style from what’s on my Tumblr. 
Ever since I started my Tumblr it has been a place for me to store & share my loves & inspirations.
I don’t do it for followers, although I adore the ones I do have, I do it for me.
Simply put, it’s a visual fashion/lifestyle diary, and I love it.
Where do you store your inspiration?

ASOS Velvet Flatforms & Polka-dot Socks

ASOS; Velvet Flatform Trainers & Polka Dot See-Through Ankle Socks

I first saw these ‘trainers’ about a couple of weeks ago and thought they looked pretty cool. It took me about a week and a half of going back to the asos site and the current flatform trend to finally convince me that I should buy them. I’m so picky when it comes to buying clothes, especially online.I didn’t actually own any trainers before I bought these, and whereas they’re not your conventional type of trainer I am glad I finally bought something to go with the tomboy/rock-side of my style. I have the urge to pair these with my velvet Topshop dress but I fear that would just be too much…and too 90s?! What do you think?The socks (sold out) were just something I saw in the sale. I thought they would be cute to pair with some skirts or shorts when it gets a little warmer. From the looks of today’s weather I may not have to wait long!

Lust for: Urban Outfitters

During my trip to Leeds I stopped by Urban Outfitters, as I always do. 
I managed to grab a couple of items that called out to me, whilst avoiding the other 90% of the store that I wanted to buy. 
The Gem Stone Stud Earrings were in the sale, and as I don’t often wear studs I decided to give them a go. Photos just can’t do these justice. They sparkle and shine in all the right places. Love them!
Recently I had been eyeing a particular pair of heels by Deena & Ozzy on the online store, which I also bought during my visit. The Black Panther Court Shoes can speak for themselves, gorgeous, no? However after only wearing them for a coffee date, I’ve found a design flaw. The heel has already started to wear down (as you can see in the photos), which worries me, as I’m not too sure whether I will be able to have them re-heeled properly due to the detailing. Apart from that I don’t really have any complaints, although I should mention that since the material is ‘suedette’ they do collect dust and dirt easily.
Do I regret buying them? Hmm…I have bought cheaper heels that have lasted longer. I don’t expect heels to wear down after half an hour of walking BUT I shall try and work out a solution.