Review: Angel Edge Series – Violet Circle Lenses

Angel Colour Edge Series Violet (CM-831) colour contact lenses*
Power/Prescription: 0.00 (plano) ~ -10.00
Lens Usage: Up to 12 months (depending on care)
Base Curve Radius: 8.6mm
Diameter: 14mm
Water Content: 38%
I have blue-grey eyes, so the effect may differ on those with darker eyes.

The Angel Colour edge series is designed with a thicker, darker circle on the edge of the contact. This helps create the ‘bigger eyes’ effect.
Tsubasa Masuwaka has been a long time spokeswoman for Angel Colour and is often sporting their lenses, which I think helps prove just how well you can achieve the ‘Dolly-look’ with these.
Now onto the pictures…
Unless mentioned, all of these were taken late morning, in Autumn lighting. I have mentioned which were taken with/without flash.

No flash. No make-up.

No flash. With make-up.

With flash.

With flash.

No flash. Evening lighting.
The ever popular one in, one out photo.
I wanted to take this picture at the end of the day, so you could see them in a different light. Sorry for the stray bang hairs, and my deteriorating make-up.
Of course if you’re going for a natural look then you wouldn’t think of considering a pair of purple lenses. However, these ones managed to look more natural than I had expected – which is a good thing because the violet isn’t prominent until you get up-close. This means they’re perfect for an everyday look and I would happily wear them this way.
Even without the flash on my camera, these lenses give the perfect Dolly-look eye. I paired my lenses with some simple make-up and false lashes to achieve a more natural, grown-up eye. However they could easily work with dramatic/colourful eye make-up, which I thought was a big plus.
I haven’t worn lenses for a couple of months, so I was expecting them to feel out of place or slightly uncomfortable. However I found that once I had given my eyes a few minutes to adjust they felt very comfortable. Even when my eyes dried out slightly (I suffer from allergies) they weren’t itchy like some others, and just a few drops of solution made them comfortable again for the rest of the day.
Some people worry about the lenses drying your eyes out. Well, as mentioned if you carry around some eye drops you shouldn’t have a problem. If it is your first time wearing lenses, take it slowly and wear them for only a few hours each day so your eyes will get used to them. I wouldn’t suggest wearing your lenses for too long unless you know it will be ok.

I fell in love with these lenses as soon as I opened the bottle. I have been wanting a pair of violet lenses for a while, and these were so vivid. It also helped that various Gal models have recommended these lenses.
The Angel colour edge series – violet are comfortable, affordable and lovely to wear. They also blended well with my natural eye colour. I thought the overall look of the lenses when worn was gorgeous, and apart from wanting them a little bit brighter I have no complaints.
Want to order a pair for yourself?

15.00mm lenses are now in stock too!!

Their dispatch/shipping time is very fast and they ship worldwide!
For any other questions you might have, check out their FAQ page.
If you do order a pair, be nice and mention you found them through here – thanks!!
Feel free to leave comments or ask me any questions you might have.

Review: CANMAKE Powder Cheeks Blush

I haven’t done a review in a while and after Hana persuaded me to try the CANMAKE Powder Cheeks blush range I thought this was the perfect opportunity.
To start with I’d like to explain why I’m reviewing this blush.
CANMAKE is an affordable (around £4/$6 for powder cheeks) and popular brand.
Not only that but it is easily accessible even for those living outside of Japan; Yesstyle (I can’t visit the site from Japan!? D:) and Ichibankao sell their products, as do many other sites.
To be honest I was really surprised that the majority of sites are selling it for double the price, which is a shame. However I think Yesstyle tends to stay true to the original prices. I’d appreciate it if someone could confirm this for me – Thanks to Michiko who confirmed that YS are actually selling it for around $15 :O
So apart from being affordable and accessible, why did I choose it?
I’m sure you’ve noticed that one Summer trend this year was big pink cheeks. I had seen several models working the look and a few Gals on the street. But it wasn’t until I started attending university that I realised how popular it was, with almost every Gal sporting the look – my university has quite a high percentage of Gals by the way.
So after some tempting from Hana, various magazines and the fabulous examples of Gals on the streets I decided to have a go myself.
So onto the review…

I bought Canmake’s pw20 – lollipop pink blush.
The powder cheeks collection comes in a variety of orange and pink shades. I was a little hesitant to go all out so I choose something inbetween the pale pink I currently use and the bright pink some Gals prefer.
The blush itself has a slight glitter effect to it, which I’m not usually a fan of. However I think it lends a little femininity and softness to the shade, which I quite liked after trying it on.
The colour is perfect for a girly/dolly look, so if you’re planning something brighter you may want to choose a darker shade.

Left; Without blush
Right; With Canmake’s powder cheeks blush
The application of the blush can be a plus or a minus point, depending on your make-up preferences; I personally like the application. It comes with its own small brush, which is perfect for making defined sweeps but you could always use a bigger brush for something a little more dramatic.
It did take quite a few applications of the blush to achieve the colour shown in the right hand picture – but this was a plus for me, as it means I can also use it as a simple blush for everyday use when I choose to.
However I feel like it could be a little more prominent for the look I was aiming for, so I plan to use a bigger brush and more blush next time ;D
Oh and for those of you who worry about removing your make-up after a long day….it came off easily!

I really like the Canmake Powder Cheeks collection. The price was definitely a contributing factor to this (that and the brands popularity) as I won’t always be able to throw money away on high-brand products. Not only that but the blush itself was good quality and the presentation was also very cute.

This was my first product from the CANMAKE range and it has tempted me to buy more from their line. So if you can get your hands on this blush, I would highly recommend it.
Coming Soon: Review – Jill Stuart Lipstick

Eyelash review….

Eyelash Review
Around the beginning of the year I wouldn’t have worn eyelashes. I had tried in the past but they had all been too long and too big etc. But then the lovely Miss Mitsu encouraged me to keep trying, so I did.
I currently use medium priced lashes, which I then cut to size as most eyelashes in the UK are made far too long for my eyes. Therefore when I saw some MAC#7 impersonation lashes I decided to do a short review on two cheaper sets of lashes.

The reason I choose MAC#7 impersonation lashes is because of how popular they are. Not only with Gals, but in general. They’re always in trend because of their popularity and their natural glamourous look, which can also be used for a dramatic effect.
Therefore I choose Ardell’s take on the #7, ‘Demi Pixies’ and a cheap off-brand version found in a discount store. I have provided pictures of the lashes in their case, on – without make-up and on – with make-up.
First up, the off-brand discount store lashes;

Cost: £1/$1.45
The first thing I noticed about these were that they looked extremely plasticy, maybe something you would use as a very cheap accompaniment to fancy dress. The individual lashes are quite thin and these aren’t made from human hair – it didn’t say but I’m guessing latex!?
I had to cut these into accent lashes, as they were too long for my eye.

It was quite difficult to get these on. The band was very rigid and had hardly any give, so they didn’t bend very well when I tried to apply them. When I put them on they didn’t blend well at all with my natural lashes. They did have a very dramatic look though.

Once I had applied a quick coat of make-up the lashes blended slightly better, but they still felt very fake – ok that probably sounds weird, because yes they are fake, but they looked fake and felt very unnatural compared to other false lashes I have used.
In person they looked better with make-up on, and I would probably wear these if I was going to do some dramatic make-up that overshadowed them slightly, making them not as noticeable. If you want a pair of lashes for fancy dress or you have run out of money then these are probably the alternative for you.
Next up, Ardell’s ‘Demi Pixies’;

Cost: £5/$7.23
I first heard about Ardell through the gorgeous Monica, who did a great review on them. But my girl Alanna was the one who really convinced me – I just know she’s gonna show me up when she wears them, with her amazing make-up skills ;D
These were also too long for my eyes (I swear I don’t have teeny-tiny eyes), so I cut these again. This is one of the main reasons I won’t use real MAC#7’s, as I am too scared to cut up something that is so much better/a bit pricier.

These lashes were much easier to apply. The band was flexible, although a little bit more rigid than other lashes I have used. But I shall forgive them for that, as the quality is very good. They are very similar to the #7 and they are made from 100% human hair – no plastic rubbish. They were also much thicker than the other pair.
They blended much better with my natural lashes than the discount store ones, and they felt natural too. I would consider wearing these with not much make-up at all.

However, I did apply some make-up so you guys could see what they were like.
The photo may not be great quality, or do them justice but they looked great. They blended completely and even though they were a little longer than I would usually wear, I have to admit that I liked the thickness.
Ultimately the thickness, quality and feel of these makes them far superior to the discount store brand, which I expected. They were 5x the price, but even so I would say that this is still cheaper than what I would expect to pay for a good pair of lashes. I would definitely buy some of the other lashes they offer in their range, as the quality and natural look has me hooked.

(Your)Left; Ardell
Right; Discount store brand
And to finish this post off, a silly picture of me wearing both the lashes. Haha the wide-eyed stare is so you can check the lashes out properly. I hope I don’t cause any nightmares as a consequence ;D
Would you wear either of these?
Do you prefer quality or quantity?
NOTE: I was rather rushed when applying these/doing my make-up, so with a little more time and effort they could look even better.