OOTD: Crystals & Leather

Top: Internacionale | Skirt: Miss Selfridge | Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Here is today’s outfit…well last nights. I don’t often post my ‘night’ outfits on here, so I thought it might make a change. I was just going for a meal with the fiancé so hopefully I didn’t look too OTT…or gothic, in all black.
The shirt is a sheer material with gold & ‘crystal’ studs dotted all over it. Add my mini faux-leather skirt, deadly panther court shoes & Marc Jacobs bracelet, and you’re done! I even took a chance with the weather and went bare legged, for the first time in months. Very liberating! Altogether nothing too fancy, but not something I personally would put together for a casual day outfit.
What do you guys like to wear for a night out?

OOTD: Black & Gold

Top & Skirt: Bought in Japan | Shoes: ASOS

I used to wear this skirt quite often when I was in Japan, but I’d forgotten about it. So I decided to base this outfit around it, because I love the look of ‘Black & Gold’. It’s actually pretty simple but I think all the elements, even down to my earrings, tied in pretty well.

This was actually yesterday’s outfit, but I didn’t have the time to post it.
I think you can all forgive me though, right?

OOTD: Pastels from Paris

Collared Top: H&M | Trousers: Bought in Paris | Shoes: ASOS

The sun is finally here!! That means no more coats, and I can finally bring these beauties out again.
By ‘beauties’ I mean the purple, blue & white trousers I’m sporting in the above photo I bought them in Paris when it was incredibly hot last Summer and they were my saviour. They’re so light and airy, it feels like I’m wearing silk. They have a very casual, slouchy fit and I love them for warm days when the sun is shining. I also bought the top when I was in Paris, so whether I look it or not I felt rather Parisian today.
I still have yet to find the perfect pair of shoes to go with the trousers though. I despise flip-flops, and they hate me equally, so those aren’t an option for warmer weather. To be honest I also need more light coloured items in my wardrobe. I feel they would coordinate better.
After I finish and hand in my dissertation next month, the real shopping shall begin!

OOTD: Back to Black

(Top; bought in Kyoto – eBay, Shorts; H&M, Tights; Alta, Shinjuku, Shoes; ASOS, Accessories; Topshop)

As the title says, I’m back to wearing black. I was doing so well! I guess it’s true when they say, old habits die hard.
At least I’m wearing red on my lips. By the way, the ‘kissing photo’ was actually due to the fiancé. He took my photos this time (rather than me and a tripod), and he told me to mess around a bit.
I’m so quirky and original!
The top I bought in my last few days in Japan before I moved back to England. It was from a small store in Kyoto, but a few months ago I found the exact same one from an English eBay seller – pretty cool. I included a link in the description under the photo. It’s just a pretty cool shirt in general actually.  The skull is made up of famous last words such as: “Shoot Coward! You are only going to kill a man” – Che Guevara

My favourite part of the top has to be the chains and holes across the back and shoulders though. I was going for a fun, rock-ish vibe and I think it suits that well. I think it would have looked better if I had been able to get the tights to actually sit straight – one of my peeves when it comes to hosiery.
Finally, do you like the haircut? Nothing new, but it needed a trim.

OOTD: Silhouette

Sweater Top: bought in Japan | Skirt: Primark | Accessories: H&M

Here we go again, another week has begun, and I’m still layering up. I really am praying for warmer weather! I was teased with it when I went back home (down South) and when I went to London recently. I know we have nice weather, it just doesn’t favour my uni town apparently.
I really liked the silhouette of this outfit, which is surprising as I’m not a fan of layering this skirt over other items.  Why? Well actually it sticks out a bit under the elastic at the top (only noticed this with Primark skirts), which has put me off in the past. However, today, I manned up and I kinda liked the results. The top I bought when I was living in Japan. It’s a sweater-dress-top as I like to call it.  In Japan it was acceptable as a dress, but it’s ridiculously short by British standards…in my opinion.
And for those who think I may just have a black tight fetish, you’re not wrong I should explain;
My knee is still pretty messy after my fall a few weeks ago so I’ve been hiding/protecting it in tights etc.

OOTD: Feeling Floral

Dress: Primark | Wedges: Internacionale | Necklace: Swarovski | Bracelet: Internacionale

Techinally this was yesterdays outfit, but then I went and made that Graze post and forgot. Sorry about that! Here’s hoping the floral print on this dress has distracted you enough to forgive me.
Now, Nails! Lots of people on Twitter & Instagram mentioned my nails. Lots of you complimented the shade, thank you, and some wanted to know where it was from. Well it’s this polish that I previously reviewed. It’s honestly one of my favourites. The coverage is amazing, as is the application and the amount you get in the bottle. You can buy it here (so cheap, and free shipping) and use my discount code to receive 10% off: BLOOMZYK31

It should also be mentioned that in my last OOTD post I mentioned that I wanted to wear more colours. I guess this was my way of doing that, whilst still keeping some black elements.

OOTD: I love my blog!

Cardigan: Topshop | Tshirt: A store in Paris | Dress: Topshop | Shoes: Asos

Today’s outfit is brought to you by my disappearing dress-skirt! I very much dislike fabrics/items of clothing that don’t work together, especially when they do something like this. I can’t really wear anything over this dress without it riding up, so I find myself constantly pulling it down.
I really didn’t notice how short it looked until I started editing the photos, promise!
Anyway I wanted to try and pair it with my velvet flatforms from Asos, remember those? I love them so much and they really offset a black outfit well…I should know because I wear a lot of black. It’s a habit I’m desperately trying to break, so maybe these shoes can be a start?! I also wore my “I love my blog!” tshirt, which I bought from a French clothing chain-store in Paris. Shame I don’t remember the name of it!
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