Iconemesis; Fifi Lapin iPhone Case

Fifi is such a sassy fashionista! Do you remember the post I made introducing Fifi Lapin? Well since then the item I ordered arrived! I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted a Fifi Fawn iPhone case. So I did a google, and up popped iconemesis; an online store that combines artwork and iPhone cases. The artwork featured is amazing, and I must admit that I wanted to buy all of the cases! Instead I settled for just one, this Fifi Fawn case.

There was a bit of trouble with my order, as the case I received didn’t quite match the image on the site. So I contacted the lovely staff at iconemesis and they kindly sent me out another. The reason behind the confusion was that they have a new template for this particular phone, and the site hasn’t been updated with the new image yet. There’s not much difference, the new image is just a bit smaller. Here is a photo of the case I was originally sent.

The customer service I received was brilliant. I even received emails (keeping me up-to-date) way out of office hours. I really appreciated the efficiency (it was made and sent the next day) and kindness of the staff. I would definitely order from them again! Now I just need to decide which case…

You can order the Fifi Fawn case here.
Or you can browse the rest of their cases here.

Thank You Video!!

First off, I just want to say a very big thank you to everyone who voted for me in the recent ‘Blogger Barcelona Competition‘. All of your votes meant so much to me. I truly have some wonderful followers!
Unfortunately I didn’t win, but I’m so happy that I was chosen to take part.

As a thank you I wanted to offer something to all my followers.
I thought about it long and hard, and I didn’t want to just do another giveaway,
as I already have a couple  lined up for next month.
Therefore I decided to my very first video!

The subject? Your questions!!
I want to answer all of your questions, whether they’re about beauty, fashion, life in Japan etc.

It might seem a little weird to do a video as a present to my followers. 
I just want to be able to connect with you all a bit more, in a different way!

So please, leave a comment with any questions you want me to answer!

Graze Box – Fancy a nibble?

On Tuesday I received my first Graze box. I was very impressed and pleased with what I got, as all the items looked and tasted delicious! A handy booklet with all the nutritional and dietary information was included, which I found very useful as I am starting up a healthy diet regime again, after spending the last month eating anything and everything. I had intended to only try out the free box, but I’ve fallen in love with the selections and to be honest I think it will help improve my eating habits, as it means I have natural, delicious, good food at hand. So I plan to continue my subscription, especially as it’s so cheap.

What is Graze?
It’s the healthy food version of beauty sample boxes; and it costs only £3.79! Once you’ve signed up you will receive a box on your chosen day/s. It’s delivered to your home or workplace and comes with free postage! There are 2 boxes to choose from; the nibble box or a special dietary one. There over 100 snacks to rate, which will affect what you receive in your box. In your box you’ll find 4 healthy snacks tailored to your loves and likes, it’s a tiny, yummy surprise!

Want to try it for free?
I’ve been given a special code, which those of you in the UK can all use to receive a free box! You will need to enter your card details, but you can easily cancel the subscription after your free box, if you wish. Just enter code: 6NJQF1Z You can order your free box here.

Blogger Barcelona Competition!

Recreating the shock and excitement from last night.
Convincing, no?
I have some amazing news!
Recently I entered a competition with EasyJet to win a getaway to Barcelona.
I had to write a small piece saying how I would structure a blog post and what I would do on my trip.
Well the 10 finalists were chosen and I made it into the final 10!
You can check us all out and our entries here.
Out of the 10 people chosen only 5 can go on to win the getaway.
So I need you to vote for me. 
How do you vote for me?
 If you have a Twitter account, please tweet @easyjet along with my username (@blooomzy) and the hashtag #eJBlogger

Here is an example tweet that you could use:
“I am voting for @blooomzy in the @easyJet #eJblogger trip to Barcelona http://bit.ly/zG0ZGe”
(Please note that retweets will not be counted)
There are only 48 hours to vote, so please vote asap!

Thank you to all who voted!!

♥ Thank you so much ♥

Life and a weekend in London

Photos taken from my Instagram. Follow me @bloomzy

This week has been pretty uneventful so far.
I spent the beginning of my week stuck in my room, writing a presentation with an injured leg.
My leg is a lot better now, but it’s still pretty painful to walk on/bend, but…life goes one!
Thanks to those who sent their well wishes.
This weekend I shall be in London to meet one of the people I’ve really missed since Tokyo; Mitsu!
I can’t wait to be reunited with my gorgeous gal, and some wonderful friends! I also can’t wait to get back to London!
As you probably guessed, that means I will be away from the blog this weekend (Friday to Monday). I will try to schedule some posts though, and I will also have my phone so I can approve comments, update Twitter etc.
I promise to come back with lots of stories and pictures.

Photo Diary; Paris, I Love You

Le Mur Des Je T’aime (I Love You : The Wall), Montmatre, Paris

I was all prepared to finally do my ‘Amelie Adventure’ photo diary post, but then I found these.
These photos were taken on the same day, and feature the popular ‘I Love You Wall’ in Montmatre.
Situated in a small park just outside the metro entrance, you could easily miss it if you weren’t looking for it.
The park itself is a lovely tiny place to relax in, especially if it’s a particularly hot day, as it was when we went.
Luckily there are plenty of trees to offer shade.

If I remember correctly it wasn’t particularly busy, there were only 3 other people there at the time.
I love little places like this that make you feel as though you have stumbled upon something magnificent.
If anyone was wondering, these were taken in July 2011, hence the longer hair.

Frédéric Baron created this mural along with Claire Kito and Daniel Boulogne.
With over 300 languages on the wall, each reads ‘I Love You’ or the equivalent in that language.

Can you spot your language?

A Source of Inspiration

You can find me on Tumblr, here
I feel you can usually read my current style from what’s on my Tumblr. 
Ever since I started my Tumblr it has been a place for me to store & share my loves & inspirations.
I don’t do it for followers, although I adore the ones I do have, I do it for me.
Simply put, it’s a visual fashion/lifestyle diary, and I love it.
Where do you store your inspiration?