Beauty from the inside out

Cho-Yung Green Tea & Supplements from my Big Pink Box

Lately I’ve not been feeling at my best.
I’m tired, stressed and generally feeling quite rubbish.
I’ve put a lot of this down to my wheat intolerance, which flares up when I’m stressed.
However it hasn’t helped that I’ve been eating wheat products like there’s no tomorrow!
I love pastries, bread etc. and even though I know they’re not good for me sometimes I find myself giving in.
So I decided to change all that!
Now that university is finishing and Summer is approaching I decided to turn it all around.
I don’t want to be tired or feeling down all the time, and I think getting my body back in shape is the way to combat that!
The supplements from my big pink box have been sat on my cabinet for a while now, but there is a reason for that. 
I actually take supplements already, and I wanted to finish the ones I had before I started these. It’s good to remember that taking a bunch of vitamins together probably won’t do much. So it’s worth checking the info on your supplements and making note of the % of which vitamins and minerals etc. your supplements are offering, and remember that you’ll also be getting some from your diet! Sometimes you just can’t help it though, so don’t worry too much.
Anyway, I’m not a dietician but I know that cutting out wheat, taking supplements and drinking plenty will help me get back to my usual self. Please note that this is not a diet to lose weight, but to get healthy!

So I will be taking the following to help me out:
I will update you all in a month to see if there is any difference!
How do YOU keep your diet healthy?

Photo Diary: Sweet Candy

American candy package from Emily, part of my wardrobe, my bedside table,
New Topshop ring, macarons from marks & spencer, new necklace from Wavy Jewellery.

This post was originally going to be just about the candy that Emily sent me, and macarons.
Then I thought about the recent ‘eye candy’ I bought in the form of clothes & jewellery…see what I did there?
The candy from Emily was part of an exchange we did. I had mentioned how some chocolate she posted on Instagram looked yummy and she offered to send me a package. I love sending themed packages so I sent her one in return, full of English sweets – I hope they were tasty!
As for the macarons, Marks & Spencer have started selling regular 12 packs, but I picked up this special 9 pack for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee as it had my favourite flavour – salted caramel. It’s quite hard to find macarons in British food stores, and these ones are limited edition so pick them up quickly if you’re a fan! 
Now onto the jewellery!
I’ve been after some more ‘delicate’ items to add to my collection, as I have way too many ‘statement’ pieces.
This ring was in the Topshop sale and it was perfect. They also have some lovely necklaces and earrings too, but I’m waiting for my trip to Manchester (when classes finish). The necklace was to replace my favourite stone necklace that broke recently. I happened to stumble across Wavy Jewellery (here) and this necklace called out to me. Such a gorgeous colour, and the silver (plated) chain really works well with it.
I know this is a bit of a filler post, but I have quite a few reviews to post 
and I don’t want to overwhelm people, or the blog. Sorry!

Current Inspiration

Please excuse the mess that is me piling a bunch of photos together.
I just wanted to visualise some of my current inspirations, which are:
Girly mixed with boyish, patterned tights, flowers, bright colours, gradients, feminine lingerie,
monochrome, black on black, gold, pearls and studs, polka dots, orange & white,
stiletto nails, comfy t-shirts, petals, purple, brightly coloured food and pastels.
As you can see my inspirations don’t just come from fashion or beauty. Of course when I say inspiration it doesn’t necessarily mean fashion-wise. I love surrounding myself with things that inspire me, and I think that does ultimately translate into my personal style, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t take inspiration for other aspects of my life.
These images are not mine, and were taken from my Tumblr, Style Saint & Pinterest.
Feel free to add me on any or all.

Food and Architecture in Tokyo, Japan | Photo Diary

Food and Architecture in Tokyo, Japan

Looking through my photos from my times in Japan you will see a lot of food & architecture. Those are the two main things that I go a little crazy about when visiting another country, especially when it’s for the first time. Well these pictures were taken on my second trip to Tokyo (before I moved there), when the fiancé and I went wandering around Tokyo Tower, through back streets and temples. The food pictured above is a ‘traditional’ Japanese breakfast, with rice, miso soup, bacon, egg, salad and natto. If you ever get the chance to try natto, then do, because Japanese people love to know whether you’re a fan or not – it’s basically the Marmite of JapanThe second photo is of a bowl of ramen and gyoza, if I remember it was from a cheap-ish chain restaurant. Japanese ‘fast-food’ is similarly priced to the UK kind but doesn’t feel anywhere near as bad when you’re eating it – ramen, rice & meat and noodles are probably the most popular. I’d recommend Yoshinoya, Ichiran Ramen & Coco Ichiban Curry (my favourite!).

All these photos are making me crave Japanese food.
I think I will have to start cooking it more often…or head back soon!



Photo Diary: Life in general

Personalised easter egg, foxes hanging in a hotel bar, the diet of a Coeliac, 
odd pig statue, dissertation was finally handed in, so shopping ban was lifted, 
fringe was in need of a cut, business cards were made for the blog, matching nails & trousers,
parents (&dog) came to visit, hot chocolate with everything on top, and my favourite chocolate shop in Kendal.

As the ‘Instagram Weekly’ posts I did kinda fizzled out, I haven’t really posted anything since, unless you check out the sidebar widget I have. So I thought I would post some pictures from the last few weeks, just in case some of you are still interested in my boring life…and if you are, thank you.

Photo Diary: What do you want to see?

Jizo statues at a temple in Tokyo, Japan

If you’re a regular to my blog, you will know that I often post ‘photo diaries’.
These are just a small collection of photos from my travels, or events that I have attended etc.
I plan to continue with my Japan & Paris photo diaries as I have plenty more photos to post.
However I thought it might make a change if I did a couple of ‘personal’ photo diary entries.

Leave a comment with something you would like to see a photo of from my daily life.
e.g. My favourite item of clothing, the view from my window, a funny sign etc.

Photo Diary: London

 Lilli Vanilli Bakery, M&M Store, Bubbleology, Cheap Monday, Monki, Absolute Vintage & Tatty Devine

Just a few snaps I took on my recent visit to London.
Before I had to move away for University I used to visit London quite often, as I live close enough, so I don’t really do the tourist-y things. I do however like to visit lots of shops and cafes! Apart from spending time with my lovely gals whilst I was there, I did visit the new Monki store and Cheap Monday as I haven’t been back since they opened. I also re-visited my favourite Tatty Devine store and plenty of vintage stores. 
For lovers of Match/Green Tea, Bubbleology in Soho has Matcha bubble tea. We stopped by and I had to grab one! 
The guy who was working was a bit odd, and didn’t really have the best customer service skills to be honest, but the bubble tea was lovely.
I apologise for the lack of photos.
I was taking them off my phone very early this morning (couldn’t sleep) and ended up deleting some by accident, in my half-awake state. Farewell pictures of delicious cakes and food, you shall be sorely missed.