Twin coordinate….

Tori and I recently decided to do a ‘Mode’ twin coordinate post, after the fabulous WC one she did with Mitsu. I feel so lucky to be able to do a twin post with Tori, as she’s such a gorgeous gal and she always does the latest trends justice.

A teaser ;D
Hair & Make

I went for bronze eyes, using a Chanel palette and Tokyo lashes, with my favourite Ena Matsumoto inspired bun.
Tori choose simple but sexy make-up and ardell lashes #134, with some gorgeous curls – I’m so envious.
The coordinates
My coordinate –
Lace top: H&M
Bandage skirt: H&M
Headband: H&M
Scarf: H&M
Shoes: H&M
Jewlery: Swarovski

I wanted to put together an outfit that was Mode but still accessible to us Western gals, and I was incredibly lucky as H&M has had some amazing stuff recently.
So I decided to show you the basis of my outfit and then how to make it that little bit more Mode by using accessories. The headband and scarf were both inspirations I got from Momoko Ogihara – the gorgeous face of Murua.
I forgot to take a pic with my necklace on, so I did it afterwards for you 😀
…I put a vest top on under the lace top for the close-up. I don’t want to scare anyone haha
Tori’s Coordinate –
Top: GalStar
Skirt: Candie’s
Necklace: Target
Shoes: Used
As you can tell we both made Bandage skirts the theme of this coordinate.
I think this shows just how effective they are. You can make two completely different Mode looks out of one skirt, just by adding a few accessories etc.
I think Tori summed up our outfits perfectly when she said:
“…yours is SO SEXY, very MURUA style since Momoko really likes the see-through lace tops & scarf belts, & I think I went more rock-kei-influenced with the studs & leopard print (& fall EMODA shows a lot of leopard! ;D)

I hope you enjoyed our twin coordinates, and I’d love to see more gals doing it! It’s so much more fun to dress up when you have someone to do it with XD

June gets & Giveaway…

June Gets
I missed out May entirely, but here are my June purchases ;D

GILFY faux-shirt shorts – bought from Lucie-Liu.
Detail pic
I didn’t like these when they originally came out, but they grew on me.
I like how they’re versatile enough to fit in with several coordinates.
Final verdict: Very cute and they look great on.

Topshop had a sale on Tokyo lashes, so I purchased some criss-cross ones.
I have yet to wear them but I’ll do a quick review when I do.
Detail pic
Note: I loved these so much I bought another set for my upcoming giveaway (see info below).

Some stud style bracelets from H&M.
I only own a few bracelets and they are very feminine and a little too expensive to wear everyday. Therefore I wanted something a bit more casual, that I could use as a point for my coordinate.
I need more bracelets~

If you remember I mentioned wanting this, in pink.
Well the amazingly wonderful Cherriparfait sold me hers.
She really is such a lovely person and I really appreciate her kindness.

GLAD NEWS top, which Cherriparfait also sent me.
We had both wanted to buy this from Mitsu a while ago, and she remembered.
♥ ♥ ♥

Finally, my most recent purchase; my ‘twin dress’ w/Claire – we both bought one.
It has a lace trim and a VERY bodycon feel to it when worn.
It just seemed to fit my current Mode obsession,
and it was only £3.99 from H&M :O
I decided the other day that I would do a giveaway once I reach 300 followers.
This is just to say thank you to all those who follow the blog and of course, read it. The giveaway will feature beauty products (like the above eyelashes) and much more – but for now it’s all hush hush ;D
I never thought that within 7 months I would have almost 300 followers – it really is amazing for a girl like me, who has never publicly blogged before. I wasn’t sure about whether to share my love of Gal with the blogging community, but thanks to you guys I can’t stop ;D
So for those of you who aren’t already following me, or have just dropped by…please click on the link on the right hand side and as soon as the count reaches 300 I shall be doing a giveaway.
I will post it here (of course) and I will announce it on my twitter and tumblr – so keep an eye out.

Eyelash review….

Eyelash Review
Around the beginning of the year I wouldn’t have worn eyelashes. I had tried in the past but they had all been too long and too big etc. But then the lovely Miss Mitsu encouraged me to keep trying, so I did.
I currently use medium priced lashes, which I then cut to size as most eyelashes in the UK are made far too long for my eyes. Therefore when I saw some MAC#7 impersonation lashes I decided to do a short review on two cheaper sets of lashes.

The reason I choose MAC#7 impersonation lashes is because of how popular they are. Not only with Gals, but in general. They’re always in trend because of their popularity and their natural glamourous look, which can also be used for a dramatic effect.
Therefore I choose Ardell’s take on the #7, ‘Demi Pixies’ and a cheap off-brand version found in a discount store. I have provided pictures of the lashes in their case, on – without make-up and on – with make-up.
First up, the off-brand discount store lashes;

Cost: £1/$1.45
The first thing I noticed about these were that they looked extremely plasticy, maybe something you would use as a very cheap accompaniment to fancy dress. The individual lashes are quite thin and these aren’t made from human hair – it didn’t say but I’m guessing latex!?
I had to cut these into accent lashes, as they were too long for my eye.

It was quite difficult to get these on. The band was very rigid and had hardly any give, so they didn’t bend very well when I tried to apply them. When I put them on they didn’t blend well at all with my natural lashes. They did have a very dramatic look though.

Once I had applied a quick coat of make-up the lashes blended slightly better, but they still felt very fake – ok that probably sounds weird, because yes they are fake, but they looked fake and felt very unnatural compared to other false lashes I have used.
In person they looked better with make-up on, and I would probably wear these if I was going to do some dramatic make-up that overshadowed them slightly, making them not as noticeable. If you want a pair of lashes for fancy dress or you have run out of money then these are probably the alternative for you.
Next up, Ardell’s ‘Demi Pixies’;

Cost: £5/$7.23
I first heard about Ardell through the gorgeous Monica, who did a great review on them. But my girl Alanna was the one who really convinced me – I just know she’s gonna show me up when she wears them, with her amazing make-up skills ;D
These were also too long for my eyes (I swear I don’t have teeny-tiny eyes), so I cut these again. This is one of the main reasons I won’t use real MAC#7’s, as I am too scared to cut up something that is so much better/a bit pricier.

These lashes were much easier to apply. The band was flexible, although a little bit more rigid than other lashes I have used. But I shall forgive them for that, as the quality is very good. They are very similar to the #7 and they are made from 100% human hair – no plastic rubbish. They were also much thicker than the other pair.
They blended much better with my natural lashes than the discount store ones, and they felt natural too. I would consider wearing these with not much make-up at all.

However, I did apply some make-up so you guys could see what they were like.
The photo may not be great quality, or do them justice but they looked great. They blended completely and even though they were a little longer than I would usually wear, I have to admit that I liked the thickness.
Ultimately the thickness, quality and feel of these makes them far superior to the discount store brand, which I expected. They were 5x the price, but even so I would say that this is still cheaper than what I would expect to pay for a good pair of lashes. I would definitely buy some of the other lashes they offer in their range, as the quality and natural look has me hooked.

(Your)Left; Ardell
Right; Discount store brand
And to finish this post off, a silly picture of me wearing both the lashes. Haha the wide-eyed stare is so you can check the lashes out properly. I hope I don’t cause any nightmares as a consequence ;D
Would you wear either of these?
Do you prefer quality or quantity?
NOTE: I was rather rushed when applying these/doing my make-up, so with a little more time and effort they could look even better.

April gets….

I apologise for my recent absence. This month and the beginning of May are full of deadlines, exams and social events haha. But I am back and I thought I would update with a few of my recent purchases/coordinates…

Whilst I was back home for a few days I hit up the big H&M, and surprisingly I didn’t buy much. I checked out the Garden Collection Jenny has been blogging about, which was cute but they didn’t have anything that really caught my eye. So I only ended up buying two items;
Hair Braid – see it worn.
Ready-made Scarf Bow Headband.
I also bought a plain black dress (New Look’s ‘Skater Dress’) as I don’t actually have one without embellishments of some kind. And as everyone knows the LBD is a girls best friend ;D
It looks great by itself but I also tried pairing it with a belt, and of course the current trend topper, the denim shirt. For a casual everyday look for uni, I quite like the dress-shirt combo and it looks perfect for Spring with the scarf headband.
And then yesterday I went out with my girl Samispo0n and we got our nails did;
I was inspired by EGG’s Nemoyayo (whose new hair I am loving), and her red and white polka dot nails. I went for my own take on it, with crystal polka dots on one finger.
Samispo0n was going to go with these originally but opted for some Gilfy staff-chan inspired nails instead, that suit her look perfectly.
I was surprised to see that the salon actually did 3D designs as well, which is hard to find outside London…and even the ones in London are scarce, and nowhere near as good as those in Japan. Although Koneko has had a few nice sets done.
Finally, here is some simple hair and make-up that I did last night.
I was going to a leaving party and just wanted a cute casual look. I wish my make-up hadn’t looked so bland close-up though. I just used top eyeliner, glitter liner and white liner – to be honest I was running late and wanted to do it quickly haha.
I have also been trying out a different style with my hair, as it is naturally wavy and I usually straighten it like crazy. I’m not sure if it looks a little too messy, and it makes it look shorter when I leave the curls in D:
What do you think?


Candydoll x Tsubasa are releasing a new product.
This time it is Lamè Glitter, in two shades: Champagne & Rainbow – the glitter isn’t only for your face either. Candydoll says that you can use it for body, hair and nails.
I like the concept behind the advertising for the glitter, but am I the only one who thinks that Tsu-chan looks a little off in the Rainbow photoshoot?
Anyways, if you order before 6pm on the 23rd April you can get free shipping – This is of course only for Japan, but it’s still a good offer even if you’re using a shopping service.
Tsu is wearing Dollywink #1 top lashes, #5 bottom lashes
Well Tsubasa has updated her blog again, showing it off.
I’ll let you make your own decisions, but I personally think it would better suit someone who isn’t as pale.
Tsubasa also gives out instructions on how to use Candydoll blushers/highlighters for that perfect Spring look:
  1. Use a large brush and quickly apply a sweep of Peach Pink (top left).
  2. Then use a small brush and apply Strawberry Pink (centre).
  3. Use the purple highlighter (top right) gently against the inside of the cheek.
  4. Then use the Cream Beige (bottom left) to sweep a thin line down the centre of the nose.
Also, if you’re a fan of collection everything Tsubasa/Candydoll – there is a limited release orange and white stripe cased powder…just incase you didn’t like the original black and white ;D
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Coordinates and Model Updates….

First off I’d just like to apologise for my absence. I’ve had a rather busy weekend, which was full of Birthday Parties and stress (you’ll know all about the latter if you have me on facebook, lol). But things have calmed down at the moment, so hopefully I can start posting regularly again.

I thought I would post a few of my recent coordinates.
The first is a lovely floral Spring dress that I bought a couple of weeks ago. As soon as I tried it on, I had to have it. The colours are so bright and the print is gorgeous. I also love how it fits, which means it looks equally as nice without a belt – although next time I’m going to belt-up haha.
The second is a coordinate I wore to a friends party. I wore my ‘Glad News’ inspired fast-fashion onpiece from Donki (see the Sakurina reference below). I paired it with lace leggings for a different look this time.
Lastly, todays coordinate. I wore a coordinate that I haven’t done for a while. I was re-inspired when Samispo0n posted a picture from last months NUTS that reminded her of my coordinate. I also paired it with my black studded hat and a blazer.
Model Updates
I just wanted to post a couple of pictures that caught my eye whilst browsing some Gal blogs recently….I really wish they would update more, with new products/ventures etc.
Sakurina has dyed her hair again. It’s cute and it suits her but the close-up of black and red makes it look a little dirty, sorry Sakurina – I love youuuu haha. Also, check out her ‘Glad News’ onepiece – I’m so pleased I got that now, much cheaper and the new prints they’re coming out with are gorgeous and mean it will last into Spring hopefully.
I also wanted to post these pics of Tsubasa, when she was in Okinawa. Such a simple coordinate but it gives off such a Spring vibe. Motherhood is doing wonders for her, she looks gorgeous. Also, do I see an Eiffel Tower on her nails?! Maybe to celebrate her new photobook – CUTE!!
I’m also crushing on Chinatsu’s make-up atm. That gurl sure knows what to do , and she has such variety, love it. I especially like her use of all the different eyelashes she has, and the nude lip – which I’m far too pale to try but do adore when done properly.
Finally, a big thank you…
To Samispo0n, who gave me a belated Birthday present this weekend. She’s too good to me.
I looked everywhere in Tokyo for the Dollywink eyelash case, but never had the luck of finding one. Now I have somewhere to store my eyelashes, which I have started wearing more often – you might be pleased to know ;D
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Ageha top 10 meme….

Here is the ‘Ageha Top 10’ meme that Mitsu, Alanna and myself have decided to take up.
It was quite hard to think of a ‘Top 10’ and I realised that I couldn’t properly rank everything. So in no particular order…
I hope you will all post your top 10’s. I can’t wait to see them.
p.s. Would you guys be interested in seeing some translated scans?
I’m quite busy right now with university but I am hoping to help Mitsu with some translations soon…so let me know.