Forgotten pieces…

Forgotten pieces of jewellery that is. 
I tend to hang my ‘everyday’ use items on my mirror so the items in my jewellery box sometimes go forgotten. So today I decided to look through it, and I found…
some rings from when I was around 10yo (they never fit then but do now?!),
a giant (fake) gold bug and random necklaces,
crystal earrings & necklace/bracelet set,
a large collection of pearls (most real, others just play things)

I was surprised to see I have about 6 pearl necklaces; a girl should always have a set of pearls handy, but 6? I’m also a little curious as to when I ever thought I would wear an expensive crystal necklace/bracelet set at university. Well, let’s hope something pops up!

Rings on her fingers…

Completely obsessed with accessories and my nails right now.
It seems like I buy a new ring, necklace, bracelet etc. every time I go out.
Of course I also have old favourites like the watch my grandmother gave me, and the spiral ring my friend got me from Mexico.
I’ve fondly named this nail style ‘Toxic’ as it reminds me of the nude-sparkle-suit that Britney wore in the video of the same name.