Is This The Death of Instagram & Can We Save It?

death of instagramIs This The Death of Instagram & Can We Save It?

Instagram is going through a bit a shit storm as of late, and that’s putting it nicely (sorry for the expletives). First it started with people liking old photos, then the confusing off topic comments came along, and suddenly a new algorithm. And now, well now we’ve got the constant following and unfollowing. And it’s left a lot of us feeling pretty jaded. Am I right, or am I right?

How & Why is it happening?

I’ve seen a lot of confusion on social, and people aren’t entirely certain what is going on. They’re seeing their follower numbers increase and decrease daily, whilst not actually moving at all. Big accounts have seen engagement drop (in fact we all have), and it’s left everyone asking why and how.

  • The New Algorithm Ever since Facebook bought out Instagram, they’ve constantly been adding and taking away features. The latest big addition was the new FB-feed style algorithm. Meaning we don’t get to see a chronological feed anymore. Instead we see the people Instagram thinks we want to see.
  • Follow, Unfollow Tools Yes, those people are not manually following and unfollowing 100 people a day. Well not the savvy ones anyway. For those of you that are up to date on your social tools, you’ll already know all about this. There are tons of sites and apps out there offering free or paid services that will automatically follow, unfollow, like, comment or send DMs for you via Instagram.
  • People Buying Followers This has become all too common. You’d be surprised at how many of the 10K+ crowd have actually earned their followers naturally and organically. The tell-tale sign is when someone has a lot of ‘ghost followers’. A ghost follower is an account that doesn’t have many photos, isn’t very active, but follows an awful lot of people. You can usually spot them by the lack of profile photo.
  • It’s Become Saturated There are just too many accounts now (over 600 million), which means it’s harder than ever to get yourself noticed.
  • But It’s Still a Big Accounts Game Even if people did want to get themselves noticed, it’s still pretty difficult when the big accounts are the ones being featured and mentioned.

Is This The Death of Instagram & Can We Save It?

Well this may not be the official death of Instagram, but it has definitely taken a fair few blows. It’s not safe to say yet whether it will come out of this whole, but with over 300 million daily users* it seems as though people aren’t completely tired of Instagram just yet.

Keep an eye out for my post on how you can save your Instagram account!

death of instagram

  • I love Instagram so much (mostly because I love styling and taking photos) but I also find is so frustrating for all the reasons you mentioned above. I often find myself putting so much effort in a photo and then being disappointed when my engagement isn’t as high as I’d expect/like it to be. Sigh. And don’t get me started on the followers/unfollowers. I’ve blocked a few people who were repeat offenders.

  • Ever since Instagram took on the FB-style feed, I’ve spent a lot less time on Instagram than I used to. It’s just so hard to keep up if you’re following a ton of people, and sometimes the people whose pictures I really want to see don’t even pop up on my feed. It’s so frustrating. And now there’s even news that they plan to introduce another feature where your Facebook friends can view your Instagram stories. Just… ugh.

  • The automatic follow/comment bothers me so much! Who do people think they’re fooling with their generic “cool pic!” comment? The worst is when you see people you know use it. it makes me really sad to see someone I know automatically like everything I post, even when I know they have zero interest in the thing I’m posting.

    I still love sharing photos on Instagram but it’s just so frustrating to see how it has become a numbers game now.

  • Instagram has been super aggravating for me, too! I’ve hated it since the algorithm stepped in. I feel like I’m missing all my friends’ stuff… which is the main thing I hate about Facebook, now. Any attempt at curation via AI is obnoxious, to me. I know what I want, or else I wouldn’t be following it!