2017: A Year of Self Help & Making Big Decisions?

self helpA Year of Self Help & Making Big Decisions

2017 has started a little differently than 2016. Last year I decided I wanted to say “yes” to as many things as possible. That actually went pretty well…well, in the sense that I did it. Unfortunately it also meant my social calendar became pretty hectic. I had to balance my social life and work. And I burnt myself out. So 2017 has seen me saying “no” to things instead.

Why? Because I soon learnt that saying yes, and wanting to please everyone was really not the way to go. Unless of course I wanted to stress myself out to the point where I knocked 10 years off my life.

A Year of Self Help

You see, I’m highly susceptible to stress. The last few years have seen me manage it relatively well, but sadly last year I didn’t give myself the time to re-energise. Something which is extremely important when it comes to keeping my sanity. Because of this, at the end of 2016 I saw my mental and physical health plummet. This isn’t entirely to do with my social life, of course. There was a death in my family, a close family member was taken ill, and other factors came in to play (again, thanks Trump/Brexit).

So I decided that this year I want to make some big changes, and some bigger decisions:

  • Take better care of myself
    • Both my mental & physical health
    • Be happier
  • Travel more
  • Seriously consider moving abroad
    • London life is a big contributor to stress
    • It’s something I’ve been considering for a couple of years
    • Amsterdam & Copenhagen are on the table
  • Think about buying a house
    • Ben and I have been wanting to buy somewhere for a while
    • It would give us a project to work on
    • No noisy upstairs-neighbours

I might mess up a little along the way. In fact I can almost definitely say I will. But if I keep my main goal in mind – take better care of myself – then I believe I can make a difference in 2017. And at least I can say I had good intentions.

self helpself helpself help

  • Oh my gosh living in Copenhagen sounds awesome. Definitely a great opportunity for a new adventure and you’re so good with languages too. I hope 2017 is amazing for you <3

  • I definitely feel you about 2017. This year I’m really taking the time to work on me, specifically my mental and physical health. These past years have been some of the worst of my life and 2016 was I think a year a lot of us found very difficult, regardless of what happened outside of our personal lives (ie: pop culture and politics). Amsterdam is a lovely city and I would pack up my things in a heart beat if I was given an opportunity to live there, if you are given such I wish you the very best and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you (same for Copenhagen!). I left my heart in the Netherlands and am dying to go back. I love being able to follow you through your successes and travels and I’m here supporting you along the way. I wish that the USA was able to give out work visas because I would have done that a long time ago, but Europe is still always on my mind but has been in the back seat while life has been priority. I have a few friends who live in the city (some in LA and NYC) and they tell me how hard it is on them to always be on the go and having the stress of city life, I don’t think I could ever live strictly in a big city even though I technically label myself a city person (but I enjoy the quiet and calm ‘outskirts’ more than the vibrant busy centers). Good luck with everything Emma!

  • Heather Lilia

    These are great uplifting goals and I can only wish you the best! I definitely need to take care of myself this year as last year threw me for an extreme corkscrew in terms of mental and physical well being. Amsterdam would be a lovely place to move, wouldn’t it? I’ve always wanted to visit there.

    xx Heather | stormywheather.com

  • Good luck on all of your goals! I’m awful when it comes to stress too, so this year I’m making a promise to take things easy and not plan something every weekend, and have at least one day a week to myself. Hope you can achieve all of your goals this year!

    Lizzie Bee // hellolizziebee.com