5 Instagram Travel Accounts You Should Be Following

You may remember my ‘Instagram 5′ series. Well it’s been a while since I last graced the blog with one, which is surprising as my love for the app is stronger than ever. Here I have picked out 5 of my favourite instagram travel accounts.

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Who? @tokography
Why? This is one slick Instagram account. Tobias is constantly travelling the world, as is made evident by the “now in: …” section of his profile. I love his consideration of colour and viewpoints when shooting. This isn’t your typical travel account; you’ll definitely feel inspired to pick up your passport when browsing his feed.


instagram travel

Who? @josephowen
Why? With the prevalence of “big” travel Instagram accounts using DSLR, you may be shocked to find that Joe takes all of his photos on his iPhone. Even more so when you catch a glimpse of his crispy and clear photography.


instagram travel

Who? @iikkyu
Why? I started following Joe after I saw some of his photos from Tokyo (a city he visits often). I felt that he considered his subjects in a similar way to how I do so myself. That, and he’s also a big fan of Brooklyn coffee. You can take the boy out of London…


instagram travel

Who? @cerealguides
Why? Of course Cereal had to make it onto the list. The Cereal Guides (created by Rosalia Park), are in-depth guides to cities across the world. So far Cereal has released London, Paris and New York. Each guide offers an in-sight into the best cafes, restaurants, shops and places of interest. If you don’t know a local, this is the next best thing.


instagram travel

Who? @nihaojoe
Why? My friend Joe is currently travelling around India, and he’s an awesome photographer. Nuff said? Nuff said.

Do you have a favourite Instagram travel account?
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Source: Please see the individual Instagram accounts listed above.

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