Spring/Summer ’10 collections….

I’m afraid post’s may be scarce this upcoming week, as I have to write a 20min presentation…in Japanese. I’ll still try to update though, and I hope you guys will still continue to read πŸ˜€
Mitsu has been great lately, posting the Spring/Summer ’10 collections for stores such as; duras, gilfy, spiral girl, ma*rs, lip service and many more. Check out the links at the top of her blog.
Staying with this trend I though I’d take a look at some of the other well known Gal brands and see what they have come up with.
Floral, frills and denim seem to be the key looks in their 2010 Spring/Summer collection.
I wasn’t particularly impressed with anything I saw on the website, to be honest it all seemed a little LIZLISA-esque. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, it just seems like they’re going off course from what has made them popular in the past and instead taken the safe route. Here’s hoping they will bring out something a little more like the Ji.Maxx I know and love.
JSG are obviously avoiding the floral, cowgirl trend which was to be expected.
Instead they’re sticking with their usual logo tee’s, and over the top style. I’m not usually a fan of JSG as their clothing seems to be a little too bright – although the new items seem to be slightly less ‘funky’ than their usual stuff.
Between the two JSG is actually my favourite, which I found surprising. They’re new Spring/Summer items are fun, sexy and casual. I’m not a massive fan of the whole frills & floral look of Ji.Maxx, but even so I do love to see Gal’s carrying it off well – it really is the epitome of femininity.
Do you think Ji.Maxx carries off the Spring/Summer trend well?! Or do you prefer something a little less frilly, like JSG?!
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  • Ji.Maxxx had a such strong winter season. Their sweater with the open back held together by 4 bows was EVERYWHERE!! I kept running into copies from Kobe to Kyoto >_<

    I agree this summer really doesn't say much to me. Nothing strong, nothing trend controlling. It should satisfy those with a sweet-fix and needing a bit less Western (since Liz Lisa went too yeehaw ^_^;;)

  • @Mitsu; I know, right? I saw tons of copies over Christmas too. I tried one on instore and was so~ tempted by it.

    I'm not into the whole cowgirl look, and I'm not a massive fan of girly-girl floral's either. I don't mind feminine prints, I just don't like the whole western look D:

  • JSG is getting my vote, for sure. I am not into the western look this spring either, I just don't think I could pull off such a girly look.

  • JSG is getting my vote [2]

    Great post girl :3

  • Denim is so in just now which made it fabulously easy for me to find a spring/summer jacket!

    I suggest checking out Gap, H&M, New look, Topshp and all the usual haunts as they are filled with the denim alongside the pretty muted colour.

    Agree with you on the Liz Lisa thing though, kinda sickening all the pretty pretty, just a little OTT. Then again it's refreshing after a very black winter.

  • I'd vote JSG since Im not really a girly girl and Ji.maxx kinda bores me alittle,cute but not interesting to me.:)

  • I vote JSG πŸ˜‰

    but know a girl who would
    probably go for Ji.Maxx
    depends on your style πŸ™‚

  • Definitely liking JSG much better! That last coordi is too cute <3
    I don't know, but all the flower prints & ruffles are starting to look alike to me πŸ™ Like Alanna said, cute but boring.
    Good luck with your presentation though! <3

  • Oh those are cute clothes. I love them πŸ˜€ I don't think I'd ever get away with wearing them though. My body… sucks…

  • RAWR post again! I miss your posts. I keep checking back everyday. Shucks. You're my favorite read right now. But I know you're a busy bee… <3

    Is the speech the gaijin one? LOL that should be fun. I had a kimono one to do once (accompanied by a paper) and I remember it taking weeks and me hating kimono afterwards. Hopefully you don't hate gaijin <3

  • @Mitsu; Aww thank you *blushes* lol XD
    I plan to post tomorrow when I have a few hours spare. Not much just a few items I've recently bought and maybe a piece on hair. I've just been so busy with this presentation.

    haha yeah it's the ε€–δΊΊ one. I had to restructure the whole thing coz my tutor wanted it to be based more on immigration policies…like it isn't hard enough to talk about that in English lol