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    I'm a gyaru who is currently working as a pastry chef. I post cute recipes, outfit shots, beauty/hair entries, etc.

    I dont know if my site counts or not, but I would love to link to you.

  • I just found your blog! 🙂 It seems really cute ! I'm not specifically a gyaru, but I follow it often for style ideas 🙂

  • I'm not sure if my blog is strictly gyaru blog, but I follow gyaru style and I have a blog^^

  • btw, your blog is very cute and I like the idé! I am going to stalk it!<3

  • heyyyyy!!<3 bloomzyyyyy~ its been so long since ive been active on LJ so i havent heard any from you in a forever!! i really should find a way to get back tyo posting on there too….
    and hey of course you may link me on here i mean- my pleasure! and sure you wouldnt mind me adding you on my 'bloggy friends' either hmmm? :3 im sure youll make a grrrreat "gal related blog" owner so ill be the first one to sign up for you bloggy friends on here! ;DD

    looking forward to following your posts ayeee~* ^^
    xx keikk

  • I write about gyaru fashion and my everyday life 🙂

  • Everyone has now been added to the link list. Thank you~

  • http://www.youngchicandoscial.blogspot.com
    ill add yours when i get my link list up!

  • Cute blog! *3*
    I follow gyaru fashion!
    And I write my everyday in my blogspot: http://www.ilovecocolulu.blogspot.com/

  • Hiya! I got a style blog, sometimes I dress lolita though but I do gyaru everyday:


  • ah ,that would be lovely 😀
    i just began to blog, tho =P


  • londongyaruguide.blogspot.com !

  • I don't dress gyaru all the time though I am quite influenced by it especially with my hair and make up, but my blog doesn't focus solely on it So I'm not sure if it counts….


  • I have added everyone to the link list.
    Not to hate on anyone, but right now I am only adding Gyaru-related, English sites.

    Thanks guys xXx

  • hi!! could we be affiliates? my blog is

  • Me and my friend Josephine from HYPER (dutch gyarusa) Started a blog with gal related topics! (there are also other entries but I hope you don't mind?)


  • @Ai-Amano; I will link you once I start doing the non-English Gal related sites.

    @Rox; Of course, as long as the majority is Gal 😀