Hair colouring….

For my first post, I thought I would talk about something close to the heart of all Gal’s and Girl’s alike…
HAIR. Namely, hair colouring…because I am slightly obsessed, haha.
I don’t know about you guys, but I have been dying my hair since I was around 15, and have been every colour under the sun. Lately I have been giving my hair a bit of a break, as it has taken a beating over the years with all the dying and ironing. But last week I saw a brilliant offer for colouring, so with my student loan in my pocket I made an appointment.

The picture to the right was taken the morning before I had my hair dyed, and the picture to the left is of me in the chair ;D
I wasn’t entirely certain what colour I wanted my hair as I was pretty happy with the colour already. So after some leafing through the latest issue of JELLY, I decided on a light copper brown. This was relatively similar to what I already had before, but a little lighter, with more golden tones.
It took 3 people during consultation and 2hrs 45mins to actually colour and cut my hair. The reason it took so long was because they had to use a separate number on the roots and ends. The final result was lovely, although I wish it had been slightly lighter. Unfortunately I am not happy with the way the flash on my camera is bringing out the colour…it just doesn’t look the same. Therefore I will post pictures later.
Now, onto the Gal aspect of hair colouring.
When Gal first started to gain a Western following, it was widely believed that you HAD TO BE BLONDE, which was partially true but as the style grew so did the options. And of course now we all know that just isn’t the case at all. In fact nowadays you can rock almost any colour you feel like…of course there are boundaries. I don’t think neon really suits anyone ;D lol
During my festive visit to 109 last month I noticed a wide variety of hair colours. From black to brown, red and platinum blonde. My personal favourite at the moment is of course coppery-brown, as rocked by this Gal (on the far right).
I would highly recommend having your hair dyed at a salon, because you just can’t get the same effect doing it yourself. Plus, these people know what they’re doing and will help you consider what colours are best for you (think of skin tone etc.).
If you really feel the need to do it yourself and want a genuine ‘Gal’ colour, then I would suggest something along the lines of Palty – endorsed by all your favourite Gal model’s.
A perfect example of the variety available to Gal’s at the moment can be seen in the following shot, featuring the model’s from JELLY;
Just look at all the gorgeous, vibrant shades. I’m so glad I didn’t see this beforehand because it would have left me with too much choice.
p.s. Please let me know how I did, criticism is highly encouraged XD
  • I'm really glad you're talking about variety but limitation. I've got a rant coming up about this (sick of the blonde = gal thing).

    And damn Jelly. I always find hair I love in it <3

  • I must admit, when I first got into gal I thought you had to be blonde (even tried going blonde by myself which of course, failed)until I started seeing more darker haired gals rocking it just as well.

    Good advice you gave about going to the salon, unless you know what you're doing the result is almost always better, though I would like to try palty, at the moment I don't have access to it :[ also nice examples of variety on Jelly models, one of the reasons why it's one of my favourite mags :]]
    Looking forward to more of your posts!

  • I always get the urge to dye my hair,but i'd look awful as a blonde.
    I was happy to see recently more gals with darker hair:)

    Nice post aswell!

  • I think being a gyaru is more than a hair color. The more variety I see, I think it's perfectly okay for gyarus with all kinds of hair color. But I'm old school, so I prefer blonde hair because I just think it's pretty in spite of its high maintenance song and dance that some of us have to go through. I can understand why some people are sick of blonde because it's ubiquitous. Oh well.

  • Hi, great post! Although, I haven't actually seen any Japanese gals with black/dark brown hair in photos (since I can't yet afford to go to Japan lol). A point in the right direction would be great. I'm dying to colour my hair blonde (because it's the colour I've been wanting to colour it to ever since), but none of the black wigs here look good on me and I can't very well colour my hair due to the nature of my work (corporate PR).

  • You have stylish hair. Have you ever thought, stylish haired girls have huge demand in modeling world. If interested pl. check for some more Hairstyles 2010

  • I am always trying to achieve a very lovely shade of caramel blonde/brown orangeish color that some of the gal models have…kind of like this:
    but for some reason my hair always turns out really light or too dark. @[email protected]; I guess maybe I need to print out the photo and take to a salon. xD

  • I'm so glad I didn't see this beforehand because it would have left me with too much choice. All the colors you offered are wondreful and may be I should just try a wig instead.