If you’re familiar with Gal then it’s almost impossible to ignore the phenomenon that is デコーデン, more commonly known as just ‘Deco’. Of course Deco is not only limited to Gal. In fact the majority of Japan’s female population (and even a few male’s ;D) love it.
My strangest encounter with Deco was on the Ginza line, in Tokyo. As we stopped at a station, an older woman, who I guessed was in her late fifties boarded the tube with a fully decorated cellphone proudly hanging around her neck. Of course there’s no reason for her not to have one, but it just goes to show how popular Deco has become.
Deco goes so much further than just cellphone’s and camera’s. A great example can be seen on Mitsu’s blog, ‘Universal Doll’. From make-up brushes to…a bike!! The girl certainly has talent, and a whole lot of patience lol
I have Deco’d in the past, always using simple techniques with plain coloured crystals. But now, I have a new cellphone and I am hoping for a little advice from you guys. THIS is my new phone (albeit temporary, until I move to Japan this Summer). It is only slightly bigger than the palm of my hand and I love the sleek black exterior, but I feel like it could do with something more.
So I’m asking for advice, or idea’s.
Let me know what YOU think…
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  • Oh that phone is super cute! <3

  • If it's your temp phone then simple should be the case, also possibly something smaller? Leave the bigness until you deck out your Japan phone ^_^v

    LOL I am completely impatient, I'm just too stubborn to notice >_>

    Also do you realize you will be in Japan when I will, I am calling this fabulous!

  • @Mitsu: That's kind of what I'm thinking too. It seems like a bit of a waste of money and time if I'm going to buy another phone soon-ish.

    Really? Will it be your final year/semester?
    haha it definitely will be ;D

  • I think a simple design would look best on that kind of phone, just to see how you like it, & you could always deco more if you feel it needs it!

  • (came here via deco_den @ LJ)

    If you like the sleek exterior, you could do something like this:

    That way you can still see the exterior and since you're getting a new phone when you get to Japan, you can splurge on that one.

    Hope that helps ^__^

  • @happy-gogogo: That's a really good idea. I don't usually like minimalism when it comes to Deco, but that's a cute design.

  • I will actually be graduated and working >_< I must first hunt down a job, though ^_^;; I'll be there in fall, summer in Tokyo is much too dreadful for me to face it a fourth year in a row >_<;;;